Monday, July 14, 2008


Fekei is a Rotuman delicacy which is usually cooked in a earth oven. Fekei is a sweet pudding made from starch, sugar and coconut milk.
Today we give you a special recipe for this Rotuman dish. What you need:
Dalo, cassava starch (usually sold in supermarkets), grater, coconuts, coconut scraper, sugar, banana leaves and soya bean oil.

What to do:
l Clean dalo and grate using grater (amount of dalo depends on the number of people to feed);
l Mix grated dalo with cassava starch, adding water to keep mixture moist;
l Mix well and then wrap in banana leaves or foil;
l Place in earth oven (note this can either be placed in a lovo with other food or in the oven);
l Scrape coconuts while mixture is in earth oven (or oven);
l Squeeze out coconut milk and place in basin;
l When dalo and starch mixture is cooked, place in coconut milk;
l Mix well (using two long wooden spoons) until coconut milk has soaked into mixture. Add sugar to taste.

Words and pictures by Isireli Muaror, Fijitimes online


Indo-Fijian Kaicolo! said...

OMG what a crap recipe. No measurement whatsoever, how can u make anything without measures! I was really love fekei, hope someone can upload a better recipe.


Tavai said...

I love Isireli Muaror! He rocks my socks!!